MEMEX - Real-Time Monitoring Benefits

[Podcast] Tackling Downtime and Inefficiencies with Software

Turning to software over paper reports does more than just save trees. Chris Mahar, Associate Editor of Manufacturing Engineering, talks with David McPhail, President and CEO of Memex Inc., about how manufacturers can utilize technology to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and boost productivity and profits across their business. Leveraging software to solve elusive waste in any facility.

MEMEX - Benefits of Data Driven Manufacturing

[Webinar] Monetizing your investment in Data-Driven Manufacturing

With this webinar, you will understand the 5 steps to Success with Data-Driven Manufacturing, Fuel Lean Continuous Improvement initiatives with Real-time data to get to root cause and counter measures fast, reduce your company’s operating cost, and learn how an investment in Data-Driven Manufacturing can boost your bottom-line financial results.

MEMEX - Smart Factory with Data Driven Manufacturing

[video] Making IIoT and Industry 4.0 come alive on the factory floor

This presentation boils it down to a proven approach. Embrace every machine as a node on your corporate network that delivers a real-time dashboard data.

MEMEX - OEE: The Critical Metric

[video] Leveraging DDM for greater efficiency and profitability

The presentation will focus on the importance of complete shop floor connectivity, shop-floor-to-top-floor dashboarding, and team sharing of real-time data for greater efficiency, productivity, and productivity.